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We offer
• A simple and efficient solution to manage your company’s payroll processing and details.
• Prompt courteous service
• Effortless and timely payroll compliance as well as useful payroll information.

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A. Human Resource Service
B. Time Clock
C. Government Filing Obligations: Federal & State Quarterly and Annual

1. IRS Forms
2. Employer Tax Deposit Management
3. New Employer Set Up
D. Comprehensive Management Reports
1. Standard Payroll Reports
2. Monthly Reports
3. Other Reports
4. Additional Payroll Processing Options

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A. Human Resources Service
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"It's a fabulous service. I love the fact that I can get all the information I need and that information is complete and up to date. I can call anytime and know that an HR support center will be there to help me."
Leanne Hansen, Office Manager, Tate, Propp, Beggs & Sugimoto.

"The people at the HR support center are understanding, give good advice and are there when we need them. The information on the Web site is there day or night." Brian Martucci CFO, Berberian Mercedes/Volvo  

"I have used the HR support center to confirm my perspective on an issue and to give me assistance in managing our employees. They are quick to respond and always a great source of knowledge, experience and resources."
Sherry Meidinger Human Resources Director, Napster

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Basic Package
1. HR Articles and breaking news
2. Glossery of HR Terms
3. HR Resources
4. Ask the HR Pro Question of the Month
5. HR Forms and Letters
6. Job Descriptions
7. Questions and Answers Database

PLUS: Personal Consulting Option
Our high-value "Ask the HR Pro" option will give you UNLIMITED access to personalized HR Consulting.

# of employees Base "Ask the Pro
1-25 $12 +$15
26-50 $18 +$20
51-100 $24 +$25 per month

B. Time Clock
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1. Electronic Time & Attendance
Save time and money while solving all your employee timekeeping challenges! Our electronic system is a powerful resource designed to offer exceptional convenience to track information and improve profit margins by reducing the cost of labor. “Time IS Money”
• Improve accuracy, records, and consistently enforce pay policies
• Reduce time, errors, and fraud by eliminating hand calculations
• Simple, practical and easy; no software to install.
• Cost-effective and affordably priced.

2. Click below for more and see our:
• On-line demo
• 30-day free trial plus setup/cards
• $3.00/employee/month plus setup/cards
•Automated timekeeping savings calculations
•Personalized support, audio-visual training sessions, web, e-mail or telephone help centers

More Information: Electronic Time & Attendance Reporting

3. Tell a fellow employer! These are stand-alone services so they don't need to change their payroll system, though you know they will want to when they start working with us! As always, a FREE month of service to THANK YOU for your consideration and referrals

Federal and State Quarterly and Annua
Filing Forms & Reports
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1. Automatically generated and forwarded, we provide your government filing form copy, a copy for your records, and a copy is kept here in our files. An extra set can also be forwarded directly to your accountant upon request.
• IRS: Form 941, Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return.
• Form 940, Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return
• Form 943, Agriculture Employers only
• Form W-3, Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements
• Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement
• Form 1099, Misc, Interest, Benefits, (independent contractor and other income reporting) available upon request
• EDD: Form DE 34, Report of New Employees (new hire reporting—as required)
• Form DE 542, Report of Independent Contractors (optional/upon request—as required)
• Form DE 6, Quarterly Wage and Withholding Report
• Form DE 7, Annual Reconciliation Statement

Employer Tax Deposit Management
Electronic funds transfer payment system. Impounding your entire tax liability obligation (employee withheld and employer paid taxes), we electronically debit your bank account a single dollar figure and electronically make your tax deposits for you. Extremely convenient and saves cash concerns for upcoming payments


Tax Deposit Coupons: Completed government tax deposit coupons and live tax checks generated as each specific tax is due for you to sign and deposit (EDD is mailed, IRS taken to your bank). Good option for cash flow by allowing you to keep your money in your bank account until the tax payment is actually due. Your accrued tax liability amount is provided with each payroll.

3. New Employer Set Up
We can help you establish your new employer tax and reporting accounts by providing by providing assistance in completing and filing Forms DE1 for the your State of California registration and SS4 with the IRS.

We can also provide you with new employee forms W-4 and the INS form I-9.

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Designed by payroll experts and accountants, our reports are both informative and easy to read.

1. Set up specifically to your needs, a typical set of standard reports included with each payroll would include:
tax information report
attendance register
deduction register (itemizes specific deductions such as cash advances, garnishments, voluntary deductions)
check register (for you to reconcile your bank statement)
payroll register (check stub information)
total employer cost
employee listing / time reporting sheet

2. Monthly Reports
labor distribution
worker’s compensation

3. Other Reports (Either ongoing or specific and upon request)
employee history report, by gross, hours, or taxed
sick and/or vacation accrual
job costing and department expense report
certified payroll report (for prevailing wage jobs)

4. Additional Payroll Processing Options
Human Resources Service (see home page)
Electronic Time and Attendance Reporting (see home page)
Payroll Processing and Tax Management (see home page)

workers compensation
benefit plan contributions
certified payroll processing (for prevailing wage jobs)
mid-period check requests (terminations, “manual check” request)
garnishment and/or agency deductions and payments
miscellaneous IRS, EDD, worker’s compensation, and/or wage assignment correspondence if/as required
Direct Deposit for your employees
EFTPS for your taxes
Multi-state employees
Identity theft and prepaid legal

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• Courteous, flexible, and friendly
• Accurate, reliable, and prompt
• Competitively priced and very affordable
• Accessible, fast and easy to use

As easy as completing several straightforward forms and providing a copy of exisiting qtd/ytd payroll information if any, your company information file is established including your employees, checking account, and tax requirements.

Each period simply phone, fax, or e-mail your tallied labor hours and any changes. Your data is thoughtfully processed, calculating your payroll details and generating checks and paystubs, taxes, and your management reports. Your payroll is ready typically the same day. Special requests and situations are personally and promptly handled.

Our clients would be happy to talk to you about our superb service and integrity. Please call us for the contact information.
• Curves for Women, Roseville & Lincoln
• Placer SPCA
• National Directory Services
• Unique Design Homes, Newcastle
• Sears—Grass Valley
• New Venture Attorneys, Auburn
• The Master Technicians, Auburn
• Benham Plumbing, Grass Valley
• Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce
• Trucksmart Inc., Auburn & Rocklin

“What a relief not wasting time, energy, and concern to deal with the quarterly and year-end paperwork!” Tigetek Associates, Sacramento, CA  



California Payroll Concepts offers ideal solutions for all your employer payroll needs!
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